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hris Perri Law is a criminal defense law firm located in Austin, Texas.

Expunctions & Nondisclosure Orders

Contact Chris Perri Law to review your criminal record and find out which offenses are eligible for expunctions and/or nondisclosure orders.


Having a criminal conviction on your record can be devastating.  It can make it hard to find employment, rent an apartment, or get admitted to school.  However, you may be entitled to have your criminal record cleaned.

An expunction is one of the most powerful procedures in criminal law.  In effect, it erases all records of a criminal charge and allows a defendant to deny that the arrest ever occurred. 

Defendants are eligible to expunge the records of their arrest when their case has resulted in dismissal or acquittal. In the context of multiple charges, expunction law is quite complex, so you need an experienced expunction attorney in order to identify which cases are eligible to be expunged. Moreover, Chris Perri Law has prepared arguments to advocate for an expunction in the most complex of circumstances and is prepared to litigate the issue before a trial court and appeal the ruling all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.

Nondisclosure Orders

In many criminal cases, a common outcome is “deferred adjudication.”  In this type of proceeding, a defendant pleads guilty, but the court defers a guilty finding and orders the defendant to complete a specified term of probation—also known as “community supervision.”  After defendants successfully complete their probation, they can petition for an order of nondisclosure, which seals records of the offense from the general public. 

Chris Perri Law is at the forefront of expunction litigation and is one of the leading experts on Texas expunction law.  Chris Perri was the lead attorney on a case that significantly altered expunction law and has led a seminar that educated other defense attorneys on the relevance of that case in light of recent legislative changes to the expunction statute. Since 2014, Chris Perri has been honored to serve as a supervising attorney for UT Law School's Expunction Project, a pro bono program that helps hundreds of people in the Austin community obtain expunctions each year. Based on these efforts, Chris Perri received the prestigious Excellence in Public Interest Award (EPIA) from Texas Law Fellowships in 2016.

If you have a criminal record, it’s important to find out which offenses are eligible for expunctions and/or nondisclosure orders.  Chris Perri Law can review your criminal record and advise you about your rights to these powerful procedural tools.  Call us at 512-917-4378.