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Chris Perri Convinces Prosecutor to Dismiss Assault – Family Violence Charge

Chris Perri

A few weeks ago, the Travis County Attorney dismissed an Assault – Family Violence case that had been filed against one of Chris Perri Law’s clients.  The case had been set for jury trial, but Chris convinced the reasonable prosecutor to dismiss the charge. 

The incident began when the client’s girlfriend accused him of cheating, and a struggle ensued over the client’s laptop computer.  The girlfriend’s brother happened to enter the apartment, and the client was soon double-teamed by the angry sibling duo.  Significantly, Chris’ client called 911 as soon as he was able to escape their violent assault, but the girlfriend immediately called 911, too, in order to concoct a story that incriminated the client.  When Chris saw the client in jail, he was banged up with welts on his face and arms, as well as bruises and cuts.  Chris also talked to the girlfriend, who stated that she would say anything to make the client stay in jail because she was angry that he had called the cops on her.

Chris emphasized that the 911 tape showed that his client had called the police first because he was in fear for his life.  Chris Perri Law also learned that the girlfriend returned to my client’s apartment months later and threatened to lie in court if my client did not reconcile with her.  This incident was documented in a separate police report, and Chris Perri Law requested that exculpatory evidence pursuant to the prosecutor’s obligations under Brady v. Maryland.  Most importantly, Chris Perri Law set the case for a jury trial to show that he and his client were ready to fight the case in court, if necessary.  The reasonable prosecutor then did the right thing by dismissing the case.